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NTS100, the solution, provides a system to issue tickets for all kinds of events (exhibitions, concerts, shows, and so on) subject to the use of taxed ticketing systems as required by the legal provisions which make possible the use of tickets in digital and electronic form.


The NTS range features flexible solutions structured into functional modules that interface with one another to compose highly scalable systems. With the NTS architecture, we were able to materialize solutions ranging from the simple stand-alone to very complex distributed systems, composed of a high number of different functional modules and terminals.

To achieve such goal with the highest flexibility and efficiency, the NTS solution was natively designed with a modern architecture, based on the e-business model of web services, which pays great attention to the optimization of network communications and security. NTS is a network solution, developed with networked technologies, hence it naturally integrates with distributed functions, even when all the modules are carried on the same computing resource, in stand-alone versions.

The NTS100 solution integrates both the modules for the achievement of basic operations to issue and print traditional tickets, as well as other components necessary for reading the reusable cards already in possession of the customer (loyalty cards, credit cards, etc.). These are associated to the issued titles of entry, allowing the reading of tickets directly from the card, rather than having to print a dedicated ticket.  

NTS100 is a tool equipped with great speed and simplicity for theater, concerts, cinema, exhibitions, dance halls, multipurpose halls, sporting events and shows, pre-sales networks…

The different hardware-software combinations make NTS100 the right solution for every need. The systems are composed ad hoc, choosing from Software Stand-Alone, Client-Server, Hardware with TouchScreen or ClientWeb networks.

With its wide-ranging versions, NTS100 software allows you to manage a variety of events: those with numbered seats, customized venues plant, fixed shift subscriptions, free subscriptions and tickets-subscriptions. The goal of NTS100 remains the same: putting you always a few click away from the emission of a ticket.

Our machinery can come with a variety of optionals, such as the pre-printing of tickets, the multi-organizer module, up to Web Service Connections to link you to external agencies or to enable online sale for the public. 

Additionally, we offer different types of printers that will customize your business, from the cheapest to the top-notch on the market.

The range of our solutions has at “heart” the satisfaction of the statutory requirements of the new cash-tills for ticketing services, and in “mind” your success in selling access titles in the most efficient way.  

NTS100 leads the way of top performances in online networked ticketing service. 

All elements in our system are designed to allow simultaneous management of many sales channels: from your local system you can expand your marketing and reach a network of sales outlets, call centers, the Internet, wireless, digital TV...

Having a NTS100 box office provides you access to all the above mentioned possibilities, managing and monitoring in real time your distribution network. 



- Scalability: from a single cash-till to a network of pre-sale, only adding components.

- Quick and simple sale screens, highest use of the touch screen:

--- daily

--- pre-sale

--- subscriptions

--- customers database

--- bookings 

--- personalized management of the retail store


- Full management capabilities:

--- Statistical statements, fiscal closings

--- Creation of venues and rooms, organizers databases

--- Input of shows and subscriptions with and without numbered seating in the maps

--- Creation of retail price lists (full price and reduced price)


- Modularity of versions:

- Single box-office (stand -alone)

--- BASIC without numbered seats

--- BASIC with numbered seats

--- FULL optional


- Network Systems

--- Server

--- ClientPOS

--- ClientWEB

--- CLientPDA wireless


- Extension Modules

--- Internet

--- Access control

--- Connection to external sale outlets


The flexibility and adaptability of NTS100 offers a wide range of possibilities. Join the many whose work we facilitated and make NTS100 your solution.
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Are you new around here?

We like to meet new folks, especially if this leads us to new opportunities to work together and learn. 
Shoot us a message, we're always available! 

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